War Zone BattleCut the Rope 2Princesses Real Makeover

War Zone BattleCut the Rope 2Princesses Real Makeover


Ramona Badwolf Dress Up Didi. She is the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood, and sister of Ramona Badwolf Dress Up Didi GameCerise Hood. Like her sister, Ramona is incredibly loyal to the people she cares for. Even though she is a bit feisty and blunt, she looks out for them and is usually quiet and does not need recognition for the good things that she is done. Ramona Badwolf wears a slim blue top and a red plaid skirt strapped to suspenders. Her skirt sports a furry brown outer layer wrapped around her plaid. Small chains link a gold wolf in between her suspender straps. They are additionally attached to a one-sided shoulder fur pad, which is colored gray. She wears jeans and heeled-boots which reach her knees. She sports a few blue feathers on each calf of her boots.

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