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War Zone BattleCut the Rope 2Princesses Real Makeover


Night Terrors

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Some new medicine you took had some nasty side effects.

Once the effect kicks in your dreams will turn into horrible nightmares.

In which you have to fight for your life against a horde  of evil rotten spirits from the grave.

Lost and alone in places that seem familiar.

Your biggest fear becomes reality and there is no telling when you will wake up from this endless Horrible nightmare.

Armed with a gun you will face the most disturbing night of your life.

and you better be ready for what will be coming for you!

Have a pleasant dream.

…..It could be your last one!


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(This games contains violence and gore


* 3 Modes (Nightmare Mode / Survival Mode / 2Player Battle Mode)

* 1 Player story mode game.

* 1 player survival mode (Fight for online highscores)

* 2 Player Battle mode (Who can survive the terror and who will die)

* Complete Nightmare mode to unlock survival mode (High scores)

* 25 Evil rotten spirits to deal with (Hidden in different levels)

* Different Settings / backgrounds.

* Multiple horror levels.

* Story Cut scenes.

* Special horror effects.

* Insane Screaming/Laughing effects that will drive you crazy.

* High scores online.

* Creepy Music (By David F Burrows)

* Black and white visuals.

* Old school hardcore shooting.

* Evil fog effect to set the a creepy atmosphere.

* High detail graphics.

* Hidden objects in the game.




– Use the mouse to control the cursor.

– Left mouse button to shoot.

– Aim for the heads to kill a spirit.

– Spirits can disappear without shooting them.

– Find the reload object to reload your gun.

– Timing is of the essence.

– 2 player Battle controls (W.A.S.D (V) / Mouse.

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