War Zone BattleCut the Rope 2Princesses Real Makeover

War Zone BattleCut the Rope 2Princesses Real Makeover


Disney Walking Tour

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Enjoy the Disney Walking Tour where you get to learn a lot about this fantastic Didi world and all its Disney Walking Tourprincesses! Mickey and Minnie will be your tour guides for today and you will get to see some of the most famous Disney locations. Before each of them you will also get to learn some very interesting real facts about those Disney movies. Your first stop will be at Cinderella’s Fairy tale Castle where you will get to be Cinderella’s fairy godmother for one day and dress her up in the most gorgeous ball outfit. You can pick a lovely ball gown, an elegant hairstyle and some pretty accessories to complete the look. Next you will stop at Rapunzel’s Tower where you will meet the princess with the most long and magical hair. Don’t you just want to decorate it? Do it by putting flowers, bows and a precious tiara on her head. The make your way towards Arendelle, where the Frozen sisters are inviting you do build a snowman with them. Just drag and drop all the pieces until you complete it. The final stop on today’s tour is at Snow White’s hut, where the princess wants to bake an apple pie for the dwarfs. But there are so many other fun Disney spots left to discover! Enjoy!

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