Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl the popular 2 player games series. The fireboy and watergirl game series includes 5 FireBoy and WaterGirl different action packed and adventurous puzzle solving games. The main characters Watergirl and Fireboy continuously find themselves in mysterious temples, each time trying to get out of them by solving different puzzles. In order to succeed in the game the players must solve the puzzles and use teamwork by running and jumping between fire and water.

While playing this adventure game keep in mind Fireboy is immune to the fire, so he can step freely in boiling lava, but he must be careful not to step into water. Watergirl is resistant to water but can get hurt by the pools of hot lava so must stay away from it. To solve each puzzling level, fireboy and watergirl have to push boxes and bricks to help them climb higher, step on buttons to trigger lifts, pick up diamonds that have the same color as themselves and move switches.

The 5 games that are part of the series are, part 1 (Forest Temple), part 2 (Light Temple), part 3 (Forest Temple Again), part 4 (Ice Temple) and part 5 (Crystal Temple). It is expected that fireboy and watergirl 6 will be released soon by the developer Oslo Albert.

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