Donkeykong Classic Arcade

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Donkeykong Classic Arcade
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Donkeykong classic arcade game first appeared at the arcades in 1981, and was the first to introduce such characters as Mario, Donkey Kong and Peach. Donkey Kong was the product of a Nintendo artist named Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto did the entire game himself (even the music), the only help he got was with the name. He and a manager decided they’d call it “Donkey Kong” because “Kong” would imply a gorilla was involved, and “donkey” was used because their Japanese-to-English dictionary said it meant “stubborn, wily, and goofy.” The story : Donkey Kong has stolen Mario’s girlfriend and taken her to the top of a steel structure. You move Mario over girders and up ladders, leap over tumbling barrels, dodge lethal fireballs and jump onto fast-moving elevators, trying to rescue Mario’s girlfriend from Donkey Kong. Instructions : Space Bar to jump; Use your left/right arrow keys ON YOUR NUMBER PAD to move from left to right, etc. To climb ladders use your Up arrow ON YOUR NUMBER PAD. To activate movement use pointer and click on Mario.


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